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What are Discount Prescription Drugs?

The choice of no prescription drugs online in our online pharmacy is very wide today. Buying them, we advise to remember that the most expensive cheap prescription drugs are not necessarily the most effective and the cheapest drugs are not the most bad. If you want to save, it is required to know some bases of pharmacology.

The word Generic is from Greek "synonymos'' and means "same'':
* A synonym is a word rather faithful to other word;
* Generics are the words, meanings of which contain identical elements;
* Generics are the words included in the same lexical sets.
As prescription drugs without prescription can be used well investigated chemical or biological substances possessing medicinal action and the received names - international not patented names (InNPN). Many of these substances are used under different trading names, they are synonymous medical products or medical products-generic.
* The active or working substance (the working or active beginning) is a chemical formula or a unique biological substance which renders pharmacological (medical) influence on the organism.
There is can be a little active (working) substances in the structure of one medical product and then it is a combined medical product.
* International not patented name (InNPN) is a "name" of an active substance included into a medical product. This "name" is given to at the registration of an active substance. This "name" speaks to the professional physician almost everything that it is necessary to know about prescription drug. InNPN is a name of an active substance, but it does not reflect its formula.
* The trading name is a "name" under which the medical product is sold in the market of drugs, in pharmacies. It is the trading mark of a firm-manufacturer and it is protected by the patent legislation. The firm has an exclusive right on the manufacture of a preparation with a concrete trading name and any other pharmaceutical company has no right to use it without paying. Any preparation a name under which we know it and which we name asking a medical product in a drugstore. It is usually informed to us by our doctor. However, it is necessary to understand that the trading name inherently does not reflect chemical and pharmacological properties of a preparation.
Nowadays the state of pharmaceutical market create favourable conditions for introduction on the market of medicines synonyms under different trading names and that has considerably expanded the assortment of medical products. To make the production recognized, the firm-manufacturer appropriates to the acting substance its trading name. The registration of a trading name enables a manufacturer to invest money in an advertising campaign and to make its name popular. Only after that the other manufacturers producing a medical product with the same chemical structure and biological action are let to sell it under other name. The registration of the trading name enables the manufacturer to invest money in an advertising campaign and to make its name popular...., etc. Any manufacturer of drugs can act in such a way.

Original Prescription Drugs ...

The firm which the first has established that this or that chemical substance can be used as a medicine, receives for a certain term (usually 5-7 years) an exclusive right on the producing this medicine, where as the working beginning the new substance is used (receives the patent for the invention). Such a prescription drug at doctors and pharmacists is called the original preparation. Original preparations are well-known on the market as they were the first to appear. After the expiry of the term of the patent protection other pharmaceutical firms have the right to produce the preparations, where the acting beginning is the same substance. Such preparations will have the status of generic. It will be so-called generic preparations.

Generic Prescription Drugs ...

Generic preparations are preparations reproduced from the original preparations; clones are preparations with the expired term of the patent protection from "copying ". Inherently, generic preparations are one and the same medicine which is produced under different trading names. Moreover, today the amount of manufacturers of ready medicinal forms is bigger, than the amount of manufacturers of substances (acting substances). Original preparations and generic preparations are made from the same substance which quite often is made by the same large pharmaceutical company.

Differences Prescription Drugs...

There are certain differences in the influence of medicines-generics on the organism, but these differences usually are not so essential as it is considered to be. They are caused mainly by a psychological factor, and in some cases by the influence of inactive additives used for manufacturing (starch, talc, dyes, flavouring additives, thickeners, sugar, substitutes of sugar and others). Inactive additives in the structure of a preparation can render some influence, however this influence either has no value or is called by-effect.
For people accepting medicines the transition to cheaper generic preparations can be connected with some inconveniences because of the definition of a new regime, dosage or features of application of the new medicinal form. In such cases it is recommended to consult the attending physician. There are no problems in the case of the full coincidence of the medicinal form and dosage of the preparation.

Discount Prescription Drugs Problems:

* There is a financial problem which influences a choice. The budget is not bottomless - be guided by it...
* There is a problem of the constant tracking of the monotony of the action of a preparation and its generic preparation. Consult the attending physician.
* There is a psychological moment connected with the magic of the trading name of a well-known firm (the author of the preparation). Be guided by your common sense...